As the ninth largest country in the world, Kazakhstan is full of exploration. Many countries cover the vast plains that are broken by mountains, forests, lakes, and cities. The geographical size and geographical diversity of the country, together with the relatively developed infrastructure, mean that tourism in Kazakhstan is growing and expanding. A trip to Kazakhstan is an opportunity to explore this beautiful country and all its unexpected destinations.
It will be easy to make a trip to Kazakhstan, which remained in the big cities. Almaty is the historic capital and largest city, filled with streets lined with trees, beautiful cafes, and beautiful museums. Astana is a modern capital, where global architects design buildings and the streets are full and clean. Almaty and Astana are international cities, where dining, accommodation, and entertainment are easy to find on a global level.

Kazakh Nomads have always lived in harmony with nature, so many of the natural monuments are important in Kazakhstan. From the old days, when people were leaving the drawings on the rocks in Tamgaly, to the modern era, where there are vast nature reserves throughout the country. If you want to take a short trip, a quick walk or a more extended trip through the mountains or steppes, there is no shortage of beautiful places.


The City of Thousand Colours

Why Almaty ?

In the Southeastern part of Kazakhstan,surrounded by snow-pick mountains and immersed in the green foliage during the summer and covered by snow during the winter the city of Almaty lies. The city,where East meets West, which preserves European appearance mixed with Asian soul. Having visited Almaty, you do not only dip into a rich cultural life, but also meet important historical monuments and scientific centres of the southern capital.



Do you like the feeling of speed while riding on snowy peaks? Why not try the slopes of the world-famous ski resort Shymbulak?Make your time on the slopes even more amazing using one of the longest gondola roads in the world, which in 20 minutes will take you through the most amazing views to the gorges of Zailisky Alatau and take you to the very top of Shymbulak, where adventures and fun will be with you for all day long.


Would you like to see the city from a bird'seye view, take a stroll through a wonderful park, try yourself at rock climbing, or see nature at a mini zoo, and when you feel hungry easily find a place to eat and all this must be at one place? Then you definitely need to visit the amazing Kok-Tobe Mountain Park. To make the trip even more memorable, you should take advantage of the modern gondola road that connects Kok Tobe with the heart of the city and within 5 minutes, you will already enjoy views of the metropolis and will be able to make unforgettable pictures in front of the majestic building of Almaty TV Tower.


"Forge of sports records" - such status is given to a unique high-mountainous skating rink Medeo for many victories during major sports competitions of global scale. To date, Medeo has given up its place as a sports record holder, but it still beats records according to its beauty because Medeo is located at the very foot of the highest mountains of the Zailisky Alatau and standing there, you understand how amazing nature is where we live in.


So-called younger brother of The Grand Canyon, the Charyn Canyon, is inferior in terms of size to its American “counter part”,but certainly brings as much amazement from the beauty and magnificence that it has! Eventhough,the path to the masterpiece of nature requires waiting, we promise that as soon as you see the full power of the Charyn canyon you will immediately forget about the long road.


The enchanting beauty and splendour of the majestic mountain landscapes combined with fabulously beautiful Kolsay lakes, the silence and tranquillity that prevails here, fascinating and intoxicating with a juicy aroma of herbs and flowers. All this brings peace and serenity, which is so lacking in the eternal bustle of big cities and the crazy rhythm of modern life.


Why Astana ?

Astana is one of the youngest capitals in the world and one of the major cities of Kazakhstan which gives good opportunities to build businesses or work with international organizations. The city places an important role in administrative, financial and business life of the country. So-called Northern capital also amazes by its fascinating architecture and designs of towers, business centres and malls which were built by famous architects of Europe and Asia. Even though Astana is quite young; however, it attracts a lot of tourist from all around the world who wants to discover the country of the Great Steppe.


One of the main attractions of Astana is Baiterek tower, which located on the Square of Independence at an altitude of 105 meters where you will have a chance to see an amazing panorama of the entire city including administrative centre, starting from the Presidential Palace to the Khan Shatyr Mall.


The Palace of Peace and Reconciliation-"Eighth Wonder of the World in Astana". The Palace of Peace and Reconciliation was opened in Astana in 2006.The structure has the form of a regular four-sided pyramid and it has the capability to surprise. It was built by the famous architect Norman Foster, it contains proportions of the golden ratio: the face of the base has a length of 62 meters and the height is 62 meters.


Khan Shatyr Shopping and Entertainment Center - tent-building, entered in the FORBES list as the unique building. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it is a prototype of the future city, which can autonomously maintain the necessary conditions for a comfortable life, regardless of the season and the environment.Special microclimate inside the complex allows citizens to enjoy their leisure time at modern restaurants, luxury boutiques,playground for children, Aqua Park, and on the sand beach brought from the Maldives and even more.


Kazakhstan hosted one of the biggest events of International Exhibition Astana EXPO 2017. For 3 month, Astana became the scientific hub of Central Asia, full of festivals, carnivals and attracted 4 million visitors from all around the world.Despite the fact that EXPO came to an end, the doors of the main pavilion – Nur Alem is still open for all visitors. Now former pavilion of Kazakhstan turned into an 8-floor interactive museum of future energy, which is, definitely would be fun everyone.


When you visit Astana you should try an unforgettable four-hour tour in Astana with a ride on the waterbus on the Ishim River.You will be introduced to the main attractions of the capital of Kazakhstan and will have a chance to enjoy panoramic views of the city from the crossing Ishim river.


In the northern part of Kazakhstan,between Astana and Kokshetau mountains, there is one of the most beautiful resorts in Central Asia-Borovoye. These places cannot be considered as traditional for Kazakh landscapes. Rather, this area is considered as an exception and represents itself as a diverse oasis where all the colors of nature are interwoven, including broad-leaved trees and emerald lakes, steep cliffs and high mountains, green meadows and broad rivers.


ALJIR is a camp for wives of county’s traitors which is located in Akmola and was one of the largest concentration camps in the USSR for wives of country’s betrayers and their children. The visiting this place will show you how people lived, worked and survived in the harsh conditions of the Soviet concentration camps. ALJIR opened in the middle of the vast Kazakh steppe in 1938 and stopped functioning in 1953 when Stalin died. Over 15 years, more than 20000 women brought to the camp from different regions of the USSR.

“To awaken alone in a strange town is one of the pleasantest sensations in the world.” – Freya Stark